Hire The Roofing & Construction Company to Patch Up Your Roof

Comprehensive roof repair for any type of residential roof

Has it been raining inside your home lately? Could your roof use a facelift? Contact The Roofing & Construction Company to get your roof fixed. We can work on any type of roof, including:

  • Metal
  • Flat
  • Slate
  • Asphalt
  • Wood
  • Tile

Depending on the damage, we'll recommend repairing or replacing your roof and perform the appropriate service. You won't be dealing with a damaged roof for long once you call us.

Call 936-632-7299 now to say goodbye to your roofing troubles.

Other signs you need roof repair

Other signs you need roof repair

A faded appearance and leaks aren't the only signs you need your roof repaired. You should also call us if:

  • You're missing shingles
  • They're curling or buckling
  • You notice discolored streaks on the surface
  • Moss is growing on your roof
  • Your roof is over 20 years old

No matter how badly your roof has been damaged, we'll make it look brand-new again. Contact us today to get a free estimate on your roof repair.