Demolition Work Can Be Dangerous

Let us handle your demolition project in Lufkin, TX

Most demolition work is done with heavy, dangerous equipment. It becomes even riskier when it involves other aspects of your home, such as electrical lines and waterlines. Rather than do it yourself, hire a professional to complete your demolition work for you. The experienced demolition contractors from The Roofing & Construction Company will make sure your demolition work is completed efficiently.

Interested in hiring a pro who is experienced with demolition services? Contact us today to learn more about the demolition process.

Why you should hire a professional for the job

Why you should hire a professional for the job

When you choose The Roofing & Construction Companyy to handle your demolition work, you can rely on us to complete the demolition services safely. We are very confident in our ability to perform demolition work without incident.

Our experienced demolition contractors are:

  • Experienced in commercial and residential demolition work
  • Efficient in completing large demolition projects with the proper equipment
  • Knowledgeable in handling demolition work around electrical and water systems

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